Corporate Finance

Dedicated to maximising value, obtaining finance and completing deals

Exploring your transactional options is our business

If you are contemplating a transaction, speed and reputation are important qualities to look for in your adviser. Whether you are a start-up venture needing early stage finance, require funds for expansion or are planning a business sale or business exit, our dedicated corporate finance team can help explore your options. We have the industry connections, the drive and rigour, plus all of the usual credentials, to source, negotiate and seal the best deal.

Big deal expertise for small businesses

Our corporate finance team was founded to give small and medium enterprises (SMEs) access to a high-quality, partner-led corporate finance service. A service provided by full-time corporate finance experts and which would usually only be available to large company transactions. We are proud to maintain this integrity, without cutting corners on commercial acumen.

Management teams, boards of directors, shareholders and private equity investors can be assured of our fullest attention. In short, we are 100% dedicated to sourcing the right solution, getting the deal done on time and to budget.


The Exit Club

Comprising 75 experts, our Exit Club will assemble a team of relevant legal, accountancy, insolvency and financial professionals, for a private, no-obligation consultation. This approach has helped numerous SME clients map out exit options, providing swift access to the right advisers, in one place at the same time. Putting a stop to conflicting opinions and saving you time and money.

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